Based on Kyle Royer's idea, This is Minno Creek Knife and Tool's version of his Plunge Platen.

Utilising all 4 corners of the platen with different sized radii consisting of 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4.0mm and 6.0mm.

These are designed to be a universal fit on most 2x72 4 wheel design belt grinders.

So far they are confirmed to fit on:
84 Engineering Shopmaster 72", Gibson.
Firepants Fab Fireant
ARJ 2x72"

For use on a 48" grinders, you will need to run a 60" belt.

K110 hardened to 58-60 Rockwell C. has been tempered at 500c to induce a secondary hardening process in this type of steel. This enables the platen to withstand higher than normal operating temperatures without losing hardness and wear resistance.
This also means that the platens have a higher wear and heat resistance than mild steel and is the perfect foundation for nitriding.

Gas nitrided by introducing ammonia into the nitriding chamber at 500c, this causes the ammonia to crack from the heat releasing nitrogen onto the part. this process hardens the surface even further  (10 thousandths deep).
This creates an extremely wear-resistant part, that is supported by the hardened k110. whereas if the part was just unhardened mild steel, you will find that the part is extremely hard on the surface but will collapse in on itself as it's core is too soft.

The last process that we do to these platens is called shot peening, promotes a high lubricity to the surface of the part. This reduces friction and heat build-up
All 3 of these processes coupled together create an astonishingly robust platen that is capable of taking extreme forces of friction.

This product is covered by our limited warranty.
keep in mind this product is a consumable and will eventually wear over time from normal use.

Plunge Line Platen

  • Material: K110 (D2 tool steel)
    Hardness: 58-60 rockwell base hardness, 64-66 rockwell nitrided surface.
    Size: 300mm L, 55mm W, 25mm H
    Included in the kit: 2 x nuts and bolts, 4 washers, 2 mounting arms and 2 spacers

  • Please see our Limited Warranty page for information regarding warranties on this product.