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Our Services

Here at Minno Creek Knife and Tool, we don't just make knives, we're also very well known as one of Australia's best sharpening services!

Below are some of the services we offer.

Specialised Knife Sharpening

Utilising our top of the line equipment, we can sharpen any knife to beyond razor sharp.
Rest assured that no power equipment is used in this process so there is zero risks of damaging the steel's heat treatment.

Commercial kitchen sharpening

Are your chefs complaining about how dull their knives are? is your robo-coupe or food processor just not cutting it anymore?
Then get in touch to organise for one of our sharpeners to come to you.

Knife Thinning

Over time and many sharpens, the steel of your knife behind the edge can become a little thick. We're able to regrind your knife so that it will perform like new, if not better.

Tool sharpening

Are you having trouble trimming your hedges, pruning your plants or are your dressmaking scissors not gliding through fabric anymore?
We can sharpen most tools to a standard that's better than when they left the factory.


Knife repairs

Accidents happen, we're able to fix broken tips and chipped edges on your prized knives!

Knife Rehandling

We can replace the handles on most knives with timber or synthetic material of your choice. This is a good way to breathe new life into family heirlooms.

What Our Clients Say


Hamish Morelli

High quality knife sharpening. Ross went above and beyond with his customer service and expertise. Thank you!

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